[ { "ID": "96", "Wine": "Angels Ink Pinot Noir", "Status": "1", "Glass": "10", "Description": "Angels Ink is a celebration of the dreamers, the seekers, and the boundary breakers. We craft our wines to honor and inspire those creative thinkers who challenge convention and move the world forward. Our Central Coast Pinot Noir is rich, round, and supple, bursting with juicy crushed berries, wrapped in warm vanilla spice.", "Bottle": "30", "ToGo": "25", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "14.73", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "41", "Wine": "Bogle Phantom Red Blend", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "This vintage, Petite Sirah leads this haunting red blend with intense notes of dark blackberry and rich boysenberry. Zinfandel adds fiery pepper notes and brings a balanced structure to the final wine. In the finish, tantalizing layers of baking spices swirl amongst velvety tannins that have softened as they’ve aged 22 months in American oak. A sip of Phantom unfurls a seductive mystery yet to be solved. Blend: 56% Petite Sirah, 44% Zinfandel", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "10.51", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "93", "Wine": "H3 Merlot", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Aromas of spice and blackberry, followed by earth cocoa and ripe cherry flavors with a rich velvety finish.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Washington", "Category": "Red", "Type": "16", "Cost": "10.19", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Merlot" }, { "ID": "70", "Wine": "Lapis Luna Red Blend", "Status": "1", "Glass": "8", "Description": "Fully ranged from ripe, red fruits to dark and brooding notes. Layers and layers of crushed blackberries underlined with spice. Juicy and round with lush, supportive tannins, the finish lingers long into a promising future.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "9.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "64", "Wine": "Portlandia Pinot Noir", "Status": "1", "Glass": "8.5", "Description": "Bright youthful garnet color of medium intensity. Sweet ripe cherry and red plum aromas with a hint of minerality and spicy pipe tobacco. Aromas are medium+ intensity. Aromas repeat as flavors, with a spicy lingering finish.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "12.65", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "7", "Wine": "Tinto Negro Malbec", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Sourced from Mendoza's Primera Zona of Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo the Mendoza blend is meant to showcase the exceptional value and approachable profile of Malbec. The wine's soft, drinkable style is accompanied by light oak aging for additional complexity.", "Bottle": "24", "ToGo": "19", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "25", "Cost": "9.49", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Malbec" }, { "ID": "76", "Wine": "Twenty Acres\/Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Our Cabernet is crafted to capture the essence of Clarksburg, with ripe notes of red cherries, plums, and hints of chocolate. The addition of Petite Sirah, a variety we began growing in 1968, adds flavors of blueberry, boysenberry, and hints of black pepper. Finishing in new French oak imparts hints of toasty oak and a rich, silky mouthfeel.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "9.20", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" } ]