[ { "ID": "69", "Wine": "Bocelli Prosecco", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.75", "Description": "Mineral-laden, and with crisp, beautiful perlage, it’s a kiss of citrus and peach in a glass.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "19", "Cost": "9.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Prosecco" }, { "ID": "101", "Wine": "Chateau Ste Michele Indian Wells Chardonnay", "Status": "1", "Glass": "8.5", "Description": "Specially selected and carefully aged, our Indian Wells Chardonnay balances tropical fruit and creamy butterscotch flavors with a hint of toasted oak.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Washington", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "12.23", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "63", "Wine": "Chateau Ste Michele Riesling", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Columbia Valley, WA- 2020 Inviting and easy to drink with flavors of white peach, apricot, pear and zesty grapefruit. This is a classic Columbia Valley Riesling that is versatile, charming and fun to drink.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "Washington", "Category": "White", "Type": "14", "Cost": "8.81", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Riesling" }, { "ID": "61", "Wine": "Cycles Gladiator Chardonnay", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Aromas of peach and apricot with notes of bosc pear and apple and a hint of toasted oak. Strong flavors of green apples, tropical fruits and marzipan. Extended lees aging adds a rich mouthfeel but the acid carries the day.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "7.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "40", "Wine": "La Perlina Moscato", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7", "Description": "This sweet, frothy, semi-sparkling wine offers notes of orange blossom, peach and nectarine.", "Bottle": "24", "ToGo": "19", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "15", "Cost": "7.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Moscato" }, { "ID": "62", "Wine": "Lima Vinho Verde Rose", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "This elegant rose is a pale pink color bursting with aromas of ripe strawberry and watermelon along with more subtle notes of orange peel, pink grapefruit and quince. On the palate, the wine is youthful and vibrant with bright acidity and lingering finish.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "Portugal", "Category": "White", "Type": "28", "Cost": "7.32", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Rosé" }, { "ID": "102", "Wine": "Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "This wine is all about the harmonization of the lively acidity and the fresh fruit of Washington State Sauvignon Blanc. The aroma and palate are full of pink grapefruit, lime zest, and green pineapple, along with hints of mandarin orange and jasmine. It contains only 95 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar per serving!", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "Washington", "Category": "White", "Type": "12", "Cost": "10.49", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Sauvignon Blanc" }, { "ID": "29", "Wine": "Mimosa", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Made with orange juice and Brut style champagne - $6.75 by the glass; $22.50 for a carafe *If you want Prosecco instead of Brut; it's $8.00 a glass, $26 a carafe", "Bottle": "22.5", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "26", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "0", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "89", "Wine": "Mimosa Flight (3)", "Status": "1", "Glass": "18", "Description": "Try a mimosa flight of 3 with a choice of 3 different fruit juices for $18. Orange juice, Apple juice, Pineapple juice and Grape-Cranberry juice are the options of juices", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "29", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "0", "Selection": "Champagne Blend" }, { "ID": "67", "Wine": "Mirabello Pinot Grigio", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "A fresh, dry white with gentle floral and citrus aromas. Crisp and delicate on the palate with lightly honeyed fruit balanced by a lemony acidity and a fresh, dry finish.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "13", "Cost": "6.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Pinot Gris" }, { "ID": "99", "Wine": "Mucho Mas Sauvignon Blanc", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": " A fresh and crisp with ripe citrus fruit aromas. Packed with line zest, lemon and kiwi fruit flavors. Think of cool glacial streams and enjoy the refreshing, racy acidity on the finish.", "Bottle": "21", "ToGo": "16", "Origin": "Chile", "Category": "White", "Type": "12", "Cost": "7.99", "Distributor": "6", "Selection": "Sauvignon Blanc" }, { "ID": "95", "Wine": "Silver Gate Brut", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6", "Description": "Our Brut is bursting with crisp flavors of apple, pear, and citrus along with vibrant floral aromas.", "Bottle": "17", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Spain", "Category": "White", "Type": "29", "Cost": "6.50", "Distributor": "10", "Selection": "Champagne Blend" } ]