[ { "ID": "25", "Wine": "Alasia", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Sweet and gently sparkling with delicate aromas of honey, flowers and fresh grapes.On the palate the wine reveals further aromatic apricot, stone fruit, grape notes and asoft mousse. Delightful refreshing acidity on the finish to balance the sweetness.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "15", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Moscato" }, { "ID": "16", "Wine": "Alverdi Pinot Grigio", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Light and crisp, with refreshing acidity and mild citrus fruits. Perfect for fruit and cheese trays or grilled fish.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "24", "Wine": "Belstar Prosecco", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Fresh apple and pear aromas with a hint of blossom. Medium bodied with fresh apple and citrus fruit, creamy mousse and a fresh clean finish.", "Bottle": "24", "ToGo": "19", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "19", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Prosecco" }, { "ID": "30", "Wine": "Beringer", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "Fresh and delicious with berry-like fruit flavors and aromas of citrus and honeydew. Enjoyable with a wide variety of foods, it pairs especially well with today's spicy cuisine.", "Bottle": "19", "ToGo": "14", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "21", "Cost": "4.49", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "White Zinfandel" }, { "ID": "27", "Wine": "Bocelli", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Andrea Bocelli loves his white wines, and it shows in their delightfully crisp, complex Pinot Grigio. Grown in the green hills of the Colli Euganei in Veneto, the vines are thick and knotty, averaging about 15 years old, and yielding just enough grapes to make only one bottle of wine per plant. One bottle! With aromas of fresh Meyer lemon, mint, white flowers and sea salt, this wine is zesty, delicious, and made with integrity.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "13", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Pinot Gris" }, { "ID": "56", "Wine": "Bota", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Bota's creamy Chardonnay is characterized by aromatics of toasty oak and tropical fruit, yielding to a body of creme brulee, green apple, and honeysuckle.", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "55", "Wine": "Century Cellars Chardonnay", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "A fresh chardonnay with flavors of pear, apples, and butterscotch. Medium to full bodied, it finishes with a touch of creaminess.", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "\n \n Southern", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "61", "Wine": "Cycles Gladiator", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Aromas of peach and apricot with notes of bosc pear and apple and a hint of toasted oak. Strong flavors of green apples, tropical fruits and marzipan. Extended lees aging adds a rich mouthfeel but the acid carries the day.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "6.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "42", "Wine": "El Viejo dei Valie", "Status": "", "Glass": "", "Description": "", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "5.99", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "40", "Wine": "La Perlina Moscato", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7", "Description": "This sweet, frothy, semi-sparkling wine offers notes of orange blossom, peach and nectarine.", "Bottle": "24", "ToGo": "19", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "White", "Type": "15", "Cost": "9.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Moscato" }, { "ID": "43", "Wine": "Leese Fitch Chardonnay", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6", "Description": "A rich golden hue in color, this medium-bodied Chardonnay shows enticing aromas of spiced applesauce and citrus. A rich palate showcases refreshing flavors of melon and soft vanilla leading to an exceptionally smooth and lengthy balanced finish.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "7.69", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "62", "Wine": "Lima Vinho Verde Rose", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "This elegant rose is a pale pink color bursting with aromas of ripe strawberry and watermelon along with more subtle notes of orange peel, pink grapefruit and quince. On the palate, the wine is youthful and vibrant with bright acidity and lingering finish.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "Portugal", "Category": "White", "Type": "28", "Cost": "6.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Rosé" }, { "ID": "29", "Wine": "Mimosa", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Made with orange juice and Prosecco", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "26", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "26", "Wine": "Mirabello", "Status": "2", "Glass": "", "Description": "", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "47", "Wine": "Montevina White Zinfandel", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6", "Description": "With pretty aromas of wild berries and honeydew melon this sophisticated blush Montevina White Zinfandel offers delicately sweet flavors of ripe strawberries, juicy peaches and watermelon, balanced by bright, refreshing acidity.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "21", "Cost": "7.50", "Distributor": "\n \n Southern", "Selection": "White Zinfandel" }, { "ID": "19", "Wine": "Pennywise Chardonnay", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "Sourced primarily from Clarksburg in the Sierra Foothills, this Chardonnay is golden straw in tone with aromas of caramel, baked pineapple and spiced applesauce. A fruity, medium body effortlessly transitions to an unforgettable finish highlighted with bright apricot and peach flavors.", "Bottle": "19", "ToGo": "14", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "7.69", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "23", "Wine": "Pennywise Sauvignon Blanc", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "The grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc are selected from vineyards in the Central Valley. Pale in color with a goosberry bouquet, apple and citrus fruits aromas, and fresh zesty flavor. Excellent aperitif or with salads, fish and poultry.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "12", "Cost": "7.69", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Sauvignon Blanc" }, { "ID": "20", "Wine": "Pizzolato Moscato", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "15", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Moscato" }, { "ID": "21", "Wine": "Pizzolato Prosecco", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "", "Category": "White", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "54", "Wine": "Pomelo Rose'", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Luscious and refreshing, a bounty of summer strawberry and crisp cranberry flavors give this Rose' a lively structure, keeping the palate energized.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "28", "Cost": "8.15", "Distributor": "\n \n Southern", "Selection": "Rosé" }, { "ID": "18", "Wine": "San Elias", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6", "Description": "The grapes for this Savignon Blanc are selected from vineyards in the Central Valley. Pale in color with a goosberry bouquet, apple and citrus fruits aromas, and fresh zesty flavor.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "12", "Cost": "6.99", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Sauvignon Blanc" }, { "ID": "22", "Wine": "Schild Estates Chardonnay (non oaked)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "A generous up front fruit presence keeps working deep through the palate where it is aided and supported by some tell tale varietal nuttiness, a vibrant natural grape acid frame and a clean mineral finish.", "Bottle": "19", "ToGo": "14", "Origin": "Austrailia", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "10.79", "Distributor": "\n Ararat", "Selection": "Chardonnay" }, { "ID": "57", "Wine": "Sycamore Lane White Zinfandel", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6", "Description": "Our classic White Zinfandel offers delicate aromas of berries and watermelon, and fresh strawberry and cream flavors that are beautifully balanced by crisp acidity and a bright finish.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "21", "Cost": "3.99", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "White Zinfandel" }, { "ID": "17", "Wine": "Tarrica White Zinfandel Paso Robles", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "Refreshingly fruity and aromatic. Delicate pink rose colored color. Full with fruit and honey flavors highlighted by honeycomb and fresh strawberry nuances. Medium-bodied and refreshing with a fruit driven finish.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "53", "Wine": "Underwood Rosé", "Status": "2", "Glass": "9", "Description": "Flavors and aromas of strawberry, watermelon and peach. Available as an 8 ounce pour as opposed to the traditional 5 ounce pour..", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "White", "Type": "28", "Cost": "71.76", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Rosé" }, { "ID": "15", "Wine": "Urban Reisling", "Status": "1", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Weis Selection label attests to the fact that the wine has met Nik's (renowned Mosel winemaker) rigorous standards and reflects the traditional taste profile of top-quality Mosel Riesling wine. Brilliant fruit and Mosel-slate mineral flavors, lively acidity, and ripe floral aromas. Delicious on its own, or a perfect accompaniment to light or spicy dishes.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "Germany", "Category": "White", "Type": "14", "Cost": "9.65", "Distributor": "\n Advintage", "Selection": "Riesling" }, { "ID": "31", "Wine": "Wente", "Status": "2", "Glass": "8.5", "Description": "Our Riva Ranch Chardonnay is a beautifully rich, yet balanced style of Chardonnay that represents what the Arroyo Seco appellation has to give. Deep, rich soils allow for vines with deep roots, which help to deliver rich fruit flavors. In addition to the classic Chardonnay aromas of apple and pear, Arroyo Seco consistently delivers aromas of tropical fruits and stone fruits. This is distinctly a California style of Chardonnay, but is consistently well balanced with ample acidity.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "White", "Type": "11", "Cost": "14.19", "Distributor": "\n \n Southern", "Selection": "Chardonnay" } ]