[ { "ID": "4", "Wine": "\n Altitudeslapi", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "Blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignana classic blend from this region in the Southeast of France. Bursting with ripe raspberry, cherry and plum with hearty tannins, a touch of black pepper and baking spice with a bit of sweet earth and wet forest floor. This style meshes both new world and old. A wonderful classic blend.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "France", "Category": "Red", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "10", "Wine": "A 'Ombre des Fontaines", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. And excellent blend of middleweight reds. Earthy, fruity, and raspberry-ish from southern France.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "", "Category": "Red", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "96", "Wine": "Angels Ink Pinot Noir", "Status": "1", "Glass": "10", "Description": "Angels Ink is a celebration of the dreamers, the seekers, and the boundary breakers. We craft our wines to honor and inspire those creative thinkers who challenge convention and move the world forward. Our Central Coast Pinot Noir is rich, round, and supple, bursting with juicy crushed berries, wrapped in warm vanilla spice.", "Bottle": "30", "ToGo": "25", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "14.73", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "28", "Wine": "Belcreme De Lys", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Silky, smooth and juicy. Simply delicious. Warm baked cherries and ripe strawberries with mocha and caramel notes The perfect reward at The end of your day.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "8.39", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "41", "Wine": "Bogle Phantom Red Blend", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "This vintage, Petite Sirah leads this haunting red blend with intense notes of dark blackberry and rich boysenberry. Zinfandel adds fiery pepper notes and brings a balanced structure to the final wine. In the finish, tantalizing layers of baking spices swirl amongst velvety tannins that have softened as they’ve aged 22 months in American oak. A sip of Phantom unfurls a seductive mystery yet to be solved. Blend: 56% Petite Sirah, 44% Zinfandel", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "10.51", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "73", "Wine": "Cannonball Merlot", "Status": "2", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "The Cannonball. It is the perfect symbol of freedom. Legs tucked beneath you, soaring through the ar. That uninhibited spirit is the soul of Cannonball Wines. We have put that feeling in a bottle with our Sonoma County Merlot. Full-bodied, with juicy flavors of raspberry, ripe plum and a hint of vanilla and spice, this wine is elegant on the palate with a super smooth finish. We hope it makes your cheeks hurt from smiling.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "16", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "Grapevine", "Selection": "Merlot" }, { "ID": "1", "Wine": "Cesari DueTorri Pinot Noir delle Venezie", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "The unique climate of the area known as the \"Venezie\" -- a vast territory in northwestern Italy encompassing the regions of Veneto, Fruili-Venezia Giulia, and Trentino-Alto Adige -- is ideal for the cultivation of Pinot Noir. DueTorri Pinot Noir features a delicate bouquet of red cherries. A fresh and light-bodied red, it is balanced with mild tannins that round out the finish. To retain maximum fruit expression, this wine is vinified entirely in stainless steel.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "Red", "Type": "", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "" }, { "ID": "9", "Wine": "Chasing Lions Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Rich in structure, the 2012 Chasing Lions has dark fruit aromas of black cherries, violets, and cassis. Blackberry, anise and raspberry notes enhance the bouquet. Like its predecessors, the 2012 has the structure and finesse to allow it to develop for at least an additional 5-7 years", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "\n ...", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "34", "Wine": "Dead Bolt", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Big black plum and jam aromas with a very mild black cherry flavor and almost no tannins. Just a touch of sweetness. Very interesting, and a good example of the non-European blends that are coming out of California.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "3.49", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "12", "Wine": "Domaine Jean Bousquet Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "It is a wine of an intense purple color and reddish tones. In the nose presents hints of red fruits mixed with mild spices. It's elegant in style, with minerals, cherry and blackcurrant. A lively acidity keeps the wine refreshing until the end. The palate is full of concentrated flavors of ripe fruit, with notes of tobacco and black pepper. The end is long and structured with fine tannins.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "8.79", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "13", "Wine": "Domaine Jean Bousquet Reserve (bottle only)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "This is an intense reddish purple wine with aromas of blackcurrant, and tobacco. In mouth it presents berries and spices, toasty and mineral notes. The end is long with fine tannins and hints of mocha. This wine has a very elegant style with a good intensity and a nice finish.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "12.05", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "91", "Wine": "Drumheller Merlot", "Status": "2", "Glass": "7", "Description": "Columbia Valley 2018. This Merlot opens with aromas of blueberry, subtle spice and rose petals with hints of cocoa. Balanced in style, this wine is structured yet lively.", "Bottle": "22", "ToGo": "17", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "16", "Cost": "8.7", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Merlot" }, { "ID": "100", "Wine": "Erath Resplendent Pinot Noir", "Status": "1", "Glass": "12", "Description": "Sultry and dark, aromas of black plum, Marionberry, fragrant carnation, and a whisper of vanilla entice and intrigue. The palate is ripe with juicy black cherry, fig, and a hint of the exotic smoky tea. Smooth and satisfying throughout, the finish lingers with dusty tannin and a hint of acidity.", "Bottle": "32", "ToGo": "28", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "15.70", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "11", "Wine": "Escheverriah Reserva Syrah", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Garnet color. Aromas of chocolate cherries, coffee, and dried meat with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a mocha-vanilla cream, chalk, apple, and cedar driven finish with powdery tannins.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Chile", "Category": "Red", "Type": "2", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Syrah" }, { "ID": "93", "Wine": "H3 Merlot", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Aromas of spice and blackberry, followed by earth cocoa and ripe cherry flavors with a rich velvety finish.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Washington", "Category": "Red", "Type": "16", "Cost": "10.19", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Merlot" }, { "ID": "3", "Wine": "IL Bastardo Sangiovese di Toscana IGT", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "The IL BASTARDO Winery is owned by an American company, but the bottling of the wine is done under the auspices of Paolo Masi, a young up and coming winemaker whose family owns an important Estate in Tuscany. The grapes used in the production of this wine are grown in an area in Tuscany near the Town of Rufina which is located 20 miles East of Florence in Dark Ruby red color. The wine has an aromatic nose, with black berry and cherry aromas and flavors. On the palate it is medium bodied with good tannins and an over-all Chianti-like fruit finish.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "Italy", "Category": "Red", "Type": "22", "Cost": "7.32", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Sangiovese" }, { "ID": "85", "Wine": "Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.75", "Description": "Our Cabernet Sauvignon was the first wine we made. This is the wine that started it all, setting the exacting standards that we hold ourselves to for all of our varietals. Round and juicy, our Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of blackberry, toasted hazelnut and cinnamon, complemented by hints of vanilla and toasted oak.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "9.00", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "58", "Wine": "Josh Cellars Pinot Noir", "Status": "2", "Glass": "7.75", "Description": "The Oregon family reserve Pinot Noir offers scents of strawberry, cherry, and pomegranate supported by soft tannins.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "12.59", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "38", "Wine": "Kenwood Cabernet", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Enticing aromas of black raspberry and currant. On the palate it's weighted to concentrated black fruit, with notes of herbs and pepper in the mix.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "9.35", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "70", "Wine": "Lapis Luna Red Blend", "Status": "1", "Glass": "8", "Description": "Fully ranged from ripe, red fruits to dark and brooding notes. Layers and layers of crushed blackberries underlined with spice. Juicy and round with lush, supportive tannins, the finish lingers long into a promising future.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "9.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "52", "Wine": "Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Deep ruby red color. In the nose, this wine is expressive and spicy, with black pepper, graphite and cassis aromas. In the mouth, black fruits and kind tannins are perceived. Compact and long.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "16", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "48", "Wine": "Los Cardos Malbec", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.75", "Description": "Intense purplish red color. Sweet, spicy and intense aromas, with notes of red fruits and herbs (such as Herbes de Provence). In the mouth, this wine is soft, velvety, fresh, and well balanced.", "Bottle": "20", "ToGo": "16", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "25", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Malbec" }, { "ID": "6", "Wine": "Manifesto Zinfandel", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "2011 was a long, cool vintage in most of the California AVA. The fruit we get from Lake county comes from red soils that tend to make for high-toned fruit without the searing acidity. The vineyards in Solano make up backbone in the wine and add in the Asian spice component along with earthier nuances. Yields were super low for a second straight year. Ruby red in color with high-toned nose of currants, red raspberry, wild strawberry, and Asian spice with a touch of dusty earth. Medium bodied flavors of red raspberry and currant follow through with hints of baking spice, citrus and garrigue. Finishes long and lean. ", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "9", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Zinfandel" }, { "ID": "66", "Wine": "Menage A Trois Silk", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Smooth talking is something we do rather well here at Ménage à Trois—especially when it comes to wine. So indulge us for a moment, and close your eyes. Now imagine the exquisitely soft, smooth sensation of silk as it slides across your skin. Gives you chills, doesn’t it? With this in mind, we wanted to create a wine that was seductive and soft, a wine with a texture so lustrous and smooth, it could only be called—what else?—Silk. Brimming with alluring aromas, full-bodied, bright red fruit flavors, and a marvelously smooth mouthfeel, Silk exposes the softer side of Ménage à Trois.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "8", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "49", "Wine": "Mercer House South Carolina Gamecork (to go bottle only)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "Classic Southern Muscadine Wine made from a field blend of 18 varieties of chemical-free natural grapes.", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "15", "Origin": "South Carolina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "27", "Cost": "8.33", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Muscadine" }, { "ID": "8", "Wine": "Michael Sulberg Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "5.5", "Description": "Wines at this price point rarely share the same conversation. Harvested in the early autumn we crushed, fermented and aged this wine in sixty gallon French, and American oak barrels. In the process, as much fruit is retained as possible; with minimal racking. This style of Cabernet is nicely layered with plenty of moderate tannins, medium body, and forward fruit.", "Bottle": "", "ToGo": "", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "44", "Wine": "Montinore", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Appealing wafts of black cherry, ripe loganberry, red currant and baking spice offer a distinctive Willamette Valley introduction to the 2016 Red Cap Pinot Noir. The sweet entry leads to a plush mouthful of marionberry, pie cherry, juicy pomegranate and cocoa. A whisper of vanilla and a hint of tastiness complete the soft and silky palate.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "11.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "5", "Wine": "Peirano Estate (bottle only)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "Peirano Estate Vineyards' Merlot is produced from 6 different clones, or sub-varieties, of Merlot grown on the estate, including two rare French clones (#181 and #314), as well as the very rare Italian clone #9. Peirano Estate was the first commercial winery to grow and produce wine from these rare Merlot clones. Each of these clones distinctive characters are further enhanced by shoot thinning and positioning, allowing for maximum light refraction to properly ripen the grapes. Aromas of rich ripe cherries, blackberries with hints of toast, and vanilla coalesce into a single sensation of olfactory bliss. The mouth is filled with an array of flavors, including cherry, plum, cranapple, sweet raspberries and strawberries with lingering hints of cocoa and cinnamon, while supple tannins leave a pleasing finish. Each juicy sip is more comforting than the last always leaving the palate to want more.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "16", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Merlot" }, { "ID": "33", "Wine": "Plunger Head (bottle only)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "Dark in color with garnet edges, this wine bursts with aromas of toasted spices, black pepper, brambly fruit, fresh fig, and black olive. The palate shows notes of tart cranberry, fresh leather, blackberry compote, dill nuances from American oak aging, and sandalwood. Hints of caraway seed, and fresh grated nutmeg linger on the finish.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "9", "Cost": "9.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Zinfandel" }, { "ID": "64", "Wine": "Portlandia Pinot Noir", "Status": "1", "Glass": "8.5", "Description": "Bright youthful garnet color of medium intensity. Sweet ripe cherry and red plum aromas with a hint of minerality and spicy pipe tobacco. Aromas are medium+ intensity. Aromas repeat as flavors, with a spicy lingering finish.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "12.65", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "36", "Wine": "Primus", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah and Merlot. Primus The Blend has ripe red and black berry fruit flavors with exotic spice. A full-bodied wine with a lingering finish.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Chile", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "15.16", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "2", "Wine": "Rickshaw Pinot Noir", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "This Pinot was from a variety of coastal cool-climate vineyards with a large percentage coming from the Sonoma Coast. The wine is fermented in small open top vessels and aged ina combination of new (15%) and used (75%) French Oak barrels and a small percentage of stainless steel tanks (10%) to promote freshness. As always, pure Pinot flavor and exquisite balance are the goals with this wine. - It has a compelling mix of raspberry, pomegranate and cherry notes combined with a stylishly integrated structure.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "10.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "35", "Wine": "Schild Estate Grinache, Mourverde, Shiraz (bottle only)", "Status": "2", "Glass": "0", "Description": "This blend of Grenache, Mourvedre and Shiraz is an homage to the great wines of the Southern Rhone but with a very Barossan accent. These three classic red wine varieties are blended to showcase the unique qualities of each whilst ensuring balance, purity of fruit and the utmost drinkability.", "Bottle": "25", "ToGo": "20", "Origin": "Austrailia", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "11.33", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "45", "Wine": "Smith and Perry", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.5", "Description": "Pioneers realized the fertile promise of the Oregon territory more than a century ago. This balanced Pinot Noir captures the land's character with bright red fruit and floral aromas, perfect for toasting adventures past, present and future.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "10.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" }, { "ID": "71", "Wine": "Stephen Vincent Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "7.75", "Description": "Classic Cabernet Sauvignon notes with aromas of blackberry liquor, boysenberry, and anise with hints of pipe tobacco and exotic spices and a slight suggestion of spearmint. Flavors of the darkest fruits such as ultra ripe raspberry, black currant, dried black cherry, and blood plum with oak-derived notes of caramel, toasted coconut, and briarwood. Tight tannins create texture while a delicate thread of acidity maintains flavors well into the finish.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "12.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "80", "Wine": "Stephen Vincent Crimson Red Blend", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Notes of black cherry, rhubarb, anise and toasted cacao nibs abound. Flavors are dark and brooding with blueberry pie and chokeberry jam being predominate features. The tannins are particularly lush and melting with seamless consistency throughout. A solid thread of acidity guarantees a lengthy finish.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "8.99", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "32", "Wine": "Tarima", "Status": "2", "Glass": "6.75", "Description": "Red raspberries, cooked cherries, and mulberries show in this wine's expressive nose and mouth; the middle and finish also offer black plums and black raisins. Spices, herbs, and chocolate mark the finish as well.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "Spain", "Category": "Red", "Type": "23", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Monastrell" }, { "ID": "7", "Wine": "Tinto Negro Malbec", "Status": "1", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Sourced from Mendoza's Primera Zona of Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo the Mendoza blend is meant to showcase the exceptional value and approachable profile of Malbec. The wine's soft, drinkable style is accompanied by light oak aging for additional complexity.", "Bottle": "24", "ToGo": "19", "Origin": "Argentina", "Category": "Red", "Type": "25", "Cost": "9.49", "Distributor": "\n \n Advintage", "Selection": "Malbec" }, { "ID": "37", "Wine": "Tricky Rabbit Pinot Noir, Syrah", "Status": "2", "Glass": "", "Description": "75% Pinot Noir 25% Syrah. The wine has a flowery nose of plum nose layered over cherries and vanilla in the palate and lingering.", "Bottle": "23", "ToGo": "18", "Origin": "Chile", "Category": "Red", "Type": "26", "Cost": "", "Distributor": "\n Aleph", "Selection": "Blend" }, { "ID": "76", "Wine": "Twenty Acres\/Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon", "Status": "2", "Glass": "7.5", "Description": "Our Cabernet is crafted to capture the essence of Clarksburg, with ripe notes of red cherries, plums, and hints of chocolate. The addition of Petite Sirah, a variety we began growing in 1968, adds flavors of blueberry, boysenberry, and hints of black pepper. Finishing in new French oak imparts hints of toasty oak and a rich, silky mouthfeel.", "Bottle": "28", "ToGo": "23", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "9.20", "Distributor": "\n \n \n Southern", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "74", "Wine": "Ty Caton Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee", "Status": "2", "Glass": "12", "Description": "Meets the palate with rich and full-bodied flavors of black currant, red plums, and cassis, followed by oak notes of cedar and vanilla. These dark flavors produce a lush and velvety textured mouth feel that combine with supple tannins, and leads to a long silky finish.", "Bottle": "30", "ToGo": "25", "Origin": "California", "Category": "Red", "Type": "1", "Cost": "16.99", "Distributor": "Grapevine", "Selection": "Cabernet Sauvignon" }, { "ID": "46", "Wine": "Underwood Pinot Noir", "Status": "2", "Glass": "9", "Description": "Oregon has become renowned for it Pinot Noir variety of wine. The Underwood Pinot Noir has aromas of ripe cherries, plum and bacon. The palate is filled with sweet cherry, raspberries, and chocolate. Available as an 8 once pour as opposed to the traditional 5oz pour.", "Bottle": "0", "ToGo": "0", "Origin": "Oregon", "Category": "Red", "Type": "10", "Cost": "71.76", "Distributor": "", "Selection": "Pinot Noir" } ]