[ { "ID": "34", "Title": "Paint Night", "DateStart": "2020-12-01 19:00:00", "DateEnd": "2020-12-01 21:00:00", "Month": "Dec", "Day": "1", "TimeStart": "7:00 pm", "TimeEnd": "9:00 pm", "Description": "Paint Night with Amber. Remember tickets required in advance and seats are limited. Check Facebook or ask at the bar to see the next project." }, { "ID": "73", "Title": "Four Course Dinner and Beer\/Wine Pairing", "DateStart": "2020-12-02 19:00:00", "DateEnd": "2020-12-02 22:00:00", "Month": "December", "Day": "2", "TimeStart": "7:00 pm", "TimeEnd": "9:00 pm", "Description": "Jonathan has a great meal in store. Tickets are required in advance for four course meal and a flight of 4 beers or wine samples, one paired with each course." }, { "ID": "136", "Title": "Low Tide Brewery Night", "DateStart": "2020-12-03 16:00:00", "DateEnd": "2020-12-03 23:00:00", "Month": "Dec", "Day": "3", "TimeStart": "4 PM", "TimeEnd": "11 PM", "Description": "We're hosting a selection of delicious beers from one of our favorite breweries: Low Tide Brewing Company. We will have some great special event kegs and rumor has it that we will have some special glasses to give away too!" }, { "ID": "15", "Title": "Paint Night", "DateStart": "2020-12-07 19:00:00", "DateEnd": "2020-12-07 21:00:00", "Month": "Dec", "Day": "7", "TimeStart": "7:00 pm", "TimeEnd": "9:00 pm", "Description": "Tickets are $45 and are required in advance. Includes all paint supplies, an appetizer, and two beers. See Facebook or ask bar staff for more details!" } ]